Will It Fit?

Will It Fit? is a puzzle game developed by a 5-man student team as a Final Project before graduation. The purpose of the project was to apply all the Game Design and Coding skills acquired through out the course of our college career and work together to make a fully polished game.

My personal contributions to the game were mostly from a coding standpoint. I coded the primarily the movement, spawning and “Clearaway” mechanics of the game. I also worked on the base functionality of the HUD, primarily on the “Next Piece” preview screen and the scoring animation all within UnrealScript. Aside from being one of the only two coders on the team, I was also the team lead which meant I had to delegate tasks and maintain a work schedule of 4 other members while being on top of my own tasks as well as making weekly test builds and reporting to our producers (in our case our professors).

If you’d like to play the game, get it here.

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