Hello I am Tedjason D. Pereira and no I did not forget to put a space in between Ted and Jason. To cut the story short on that, apparently on my birth certificate instead of it being two words (Ted Jason), someone wrote it down the way you see it now. Now for more pressing matters, I am a Game Designer currently studying that graduatedĀ fromĀ Full Sail University studying Game Design. I grew up playing games like most people in the gaming industry but my passion for Game Design didn’t hit me ’til I was around 11 when I saw an episode of G4’s Icons featuring Hideo Kojima. Learning about his cinematic approach to game design, I decided to follow in his footsteps and craft my own stories through the gaming medium.

On the less technical side of things, during my formative years (elementary – high school) outside of gaming I spent my time being creative through several different outlets. I was a cheerleader in my junior and senior years, a Home Ec Fine Dining Chef in my sophomore year and I took to a lot of creative writing from elementary up until now. During my first few years of college I was a street magician focusing on close up card tricks. My MBTI personality type is that of an ESFP who are known to be entertainers, which also explains my knack for making sure that whatever I do in life results in a story. Having the personality of such a person has given me the strange ability to talk to groups of people with no actual purpose or point which helps opening up doors for random conversation. My goal in life and that of in the gaming industry are one in the same: it’s to make a great story through my preferred means.